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Irish workers struggle to juggle work with home life


Right balance between work and home is hard to achieve

Right balance between work and home is hard to achieve

Right balance between work and home is hard to achieve

Only 13pc of Irish workers say they have a "great" work-life balance, a new survey has revealed.

The recent poll of 1,000 workers found 9pc suffer from a "terrible" work-life balance while only 13pc describe theirs as "great".

The survey, commissioned by developer Dublin Airport Central, found 38pc of workers polled described their work-life balance as "middle of the road", with 11pc describing it as "not quite terrible".

However, the survey found that the overwhelming majority of workers struggled to juggle responsibilities at work with their personal lives.

It also found most workers were more concerned about job satisfaction than a good salary or security.


Thirty-seven per cent of respondents cited job satisfaction as the most important aspect to their work, followed by job security (18pc), a good salary (17pc), career progress- ion (8pc), flexible work hours (6pc) and other issues (10pc).

Only 1pc of workers cited health insurance as a perk of the job.

Not surprisingly, the age of a worker dictated their job priorities. Those aged between 45 and 54 cited job security as their main concern, followed by job satisfaction and a good salary.

They were also the age group most likely to work overtime, with 55pc putting in extra hours.

However, both young (18 to 24) and older workers over the age of 55 cited job satisfaction as their main concern, cited by around half of respondents in both age groups.

However, for younger workers starting out in their careers or jobs, a good salary was the most important consideration for those aged 18 to 24.