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Irish Water sent application pack to deceased dad

IRISH Water sent an application pack to register for water charges to a man who has been dead for almost 11 years.

The Glennon family from Kilcock, Co Kildare, were left very confused and upset after Irish Water had sent them two application packs, the second of which was addressed to their deceased father John.

Now, they are worried because the new state utility has failed to contact them about the pack addressed to John.

His daughter Niamh (22) (pictured left) said that she is very annoyed with the incident and that it has upset her mother and three younger sisters.

"About five weeks ago my mother received an Irish Water application pack but two days later we received one in my father's name," said Niamh.

"He died almost 11 years ago and we have not received post in his name for about eight years. We don't know how they got his name linked to this address."

"It is very hurtful that they have done this," she said.

John was only in his early 40s when he passed away in January 2004 after a battle with cancer but now his family are afraid of the repercussions.


"He was a very good man but he can't respond to this so I don't know what is going to happen. I don't know where I stand on this. Can I ring up on his behalf?" said Niamh. "I feel like they have invaded my dad's privacy.

When contacted by the Herald, Irish Water said that they would not comment on individual cases but they would like to apologise to the family.

Irish Water also confirmed that they would not take legal action against any unreturned packs and that they used the Local Property Tax database when sending out the applications.

However, Niamh said that the family have not received post in his name in eight years.