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'Irish Water contractors cracked our front wall'

A HOMEOWNER is claiming that Irish Water workers damaged his wall while installing a meter.

However, the semi-state complany is refusing to take responsibility and said the work did not cause damage.

Dubliner Dave Tolan claimed that contractors working on behalf of Irish Water "shifted our wall back around an inch" so that "I can move it around with my hand now".

Mr Tolan, from Kempton Heath on the Navan Road, believes contractors GMC Sierra caused the damage as they installed the meter outside the front wall of his home on October 2.

The father-of-three and his wife Caroline now fear they will be forced to have the wall rebuilt.

"The morning after they installed the meter, I was out the front sweeping up after them, and I looked and I saw the whole wall had been moved an inch and one of the bricks was at an angle," Ms Tolan said.

She said that the contractors were still working in the housing estate, and promised to return the following day to fix the damage.

However, she said the wall has still not been fixed.

"Then I kept ringing Irish Water, they said they were passing the complaint to GMC Sierra. So I rang them, and just got a customer services representative. They said it had been passed back to Irish Water, that they weren't dealing with it anymore," she said.

In a letter sent to the Tolans, Irish Water said: "Our investigations have concluded that the meter installations works did not cause any damage to your wall. It is our belief the damage evident was pre-existing."


The letter stated that GMC Sierra was responsible for all site-based activities and said the contractor had offered to mount brackets to join the wall to the pier as a "goodwill gesture". However, Ms Tolan said this proposal is unsuitable and now believes the wall must be rebuilt.

Irish Water said the pier and the wall were not "tied into each other which would account for instability of the wall".