Tuesday 25 September 2018

Irish stars Charlene and Johnny land roles in upcoming pre-historic drama


Charlene McKenna is set to see her star rise in the States after landing a role in another historical TV show.

The former Raw actress has won a role in the upcoming The Clan of the Cave Bear pilot for US network Lifetime.

The show is based on the first of Jean M Auel's best-selling book series.

The script, written by Maleficent writer Linda Woolverton, sees the drama take place 25,000 years ago as Neanderthals shared the Earth with the first modern humans.

A group of cave dwellers adopt Ayla, played by British actress Millie Brady, who grows up to be a courageous young woman who must fight for survival against the jealous would-be clan leader Broud.

Broud will be played by former Love/Hate star Johnny Ward.

Charlene is set to play Iza, sister of the current clan leader Brun, and the Clan's medicine woman, making Johnny's character her nephew in the show.

"I guess the cat's out of the bag. I'm very excited to start shooting. Thanks for all your nice words," she wrote online.

Charlene is used to this time period as earlier this year she was filming HBO show AD in Africa.

AD picks up where smash hit The Bible left off, continuing on from the crucifixion, which also starred Irish actor Emmett Scanlan.


"It's very different over in Africa - it's a culture shock - but the show is amazing. It's a big-budget machine," Charlene said recently.

Meanwhile, Ripper Street is garnering great reviews in the US as it is currently screening on BBC America.

The show was cancelled after two seasons, but after a campaign by fans Amazon brought it back.

"We all thought it was going to be over and we were all grateful that it wasn't finished," said Charlene.

The actress (31) is currently based in New York to be with her boyfriend and Ripper Street co-star, Adam Rothenberg.

Before she moved to the Big Apple late last year, she said she was looking forward to not having to do long-distance any more.

"I've been doing it for the last while," she said. "He's based out there and with this move to New York, I won't be doing it any more."

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