Monday 18 December 2017

Irish NY cop survives gun blast in head

AN IRISH police officer who was shot in the head while chasing a criminal in New York was today described as "one lucky man".

Donegal man Kevin Brennan (29) was recovering in hospital today after life-saving surgery removed a bullet from his skull.

The officer, who serves with the New York Police Department (NYPD), was blasted on Tuesday night while responding to a series of shots fired in a housing complex in Brooklyn.

He was understood today to be in a critical but stable condition after undergoing life-saving surgery.

Just minutes after arriving at a city hospital, Kevin asked about his new born baby, Maeve.

"We were at the hospital, he was still bandaged and getting CAT-scanned," according to Kevin's brother-in-law Robert Masi.


"He was conscious and talking. He asked for his daughter. She was definitely the first thing on his mind. This is something you think about and hope never happens. And when it does you have to circle the wagons and hope for the best.

"He's a great guy, he's a dedicated police officer," continued Masi of his brother-in-law, who has served for the NYPD since 2005. "He puts his life on the line every day."

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly dubbed Kevin "one lucky young man" while New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg remarked: "God in this case was kind.It could have turned out an awful lot worse." Kevin's doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

The 21-year-old gunman was arrested in an apartment complex close to the scene just two hours after the shooting.

Kevin and two colleagues were responding to reports of shots being fired when they encountered three individuals fleeing a building.

While giving chase, one of the men turned and fired a shot which struck Kevin in the head. An eyewitness stated: "The hurt cop kept yelling, 'I got hit! I got hit!' He was bleeding from the mouth."

A black revolver with a brown handle was found on the ground outside the building.


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