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'Irish are eating like Americans' - Dr Nina


Dr Nina Byrnes is concerned

Dr Nina Byrnes is concerned

Dr Nina Byrnes is concerned

Ireland's eating habits are becoming too similar to those in the obesity- plagued US, Dr Nina Byrnes is warning.

The TV3 star said we had become a "country of convenience".

The Dublin GP stars on Doctor In The House, which helps unhealthy families to turn their lifestyles around.

"We're very American in our attitudes to food. We've become a country of convenience," she said.

"As we became more affluent as a nation, more of us stayed indoors. We communicate on computers.


"A lot of our life is very sedentary.

"We're mindlessly eating, we snack and you tend to eat more when you do that.

"The family structure of sitting down with a meal has gone and been replaced with a lot of convenience eating."

Nina said Ireland needed to get moving again if obesity levels are to be brought down.