Thursday 23 November 2017

'Ireland's worst driver' Ray vows to get licence despite 14th failed test

Ray Heffernan will give the test another go
Ray Heffernan will give the test another go

AN IRISH motorist has vowed to get his driving licence despite failing his 14th test.

Ray Heffernan (65) didn't pass in Cork this week but insisted his driving was "really good" and said it is now only a matter of time before he gets his cherished full licence.

Ray, from Mayfield in Cork, said he is "upset and hurt" at being dubbed 'Ireland's worst driver' by some people.

He insisted he has driven all over Ireland and Britain without incident in his working career.

"If I'm that bad a driver I shouldn't be alive today. But I am a good, safe driver - I am a lot better driver than some of the lunatics on the road today with full driving licences," Ray said.

"I don't have any penalty points and I'm really careful on the road."

The Herald highlighted the plight of the retired plasterer four years ago and he subsequently appeared on various radio and TV programmes.

"I don't want to be a celebrity in the newspapers and on radio," Ray said.

"I just want my full driving licence and to be able to live a quiet life. This whole thing is costing me a small fortune.

"I'm driving a Nissan now but I've driven a Mazda, a Ford Cortina Mk II, a Ford Prefect, a Morris Minor, a Ford Anglia and an Austin," he said.


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