Tuesday 18 September 2018

Ireland's 'most violent prisoner' given a fish tank and a PlayStation


Leon Wright
fish tank

One of Ireland's most dangerous prisoners has an aquarium on his landing and enjoys playing a games console, it has been claimed.

Another was able to buy a cake in the tuck shop for his birthday despite being on punishment for attacking prison officers.

Prison Officers' Association assistant secretary general Gabriel Keavaney said the prisoner enjoying the fish tank has more than 220 complaints against him in the jail.

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"He has been given a PlayStation and a fish tank has been put out on the landing to pacify him," he said.

Mr Keavaney hit out at what prison officers see as perks being supplied to violent prisoners.

"This is completely unacceptable. He has a huge amount of complaints and a huge track record of assaulting staff," he said.

"We are in riot gear dealing with this guy at the moment. It's a huge issue for us," he added.

fish tank

While Mr Keavaney did not name the prisoner, the Herald later established that it is Leon Wright (27).

He is currently serving a six-year sentence for stabbing two people in completely random attacks in Dublin city centre in 2013.

He is on a separation unit in Portlaoise Prison and is so violent that three officers in riot gear have to be deployed to remove him from his cell.

The Herald has previously reported how he was once given a punch-bag to help him take out his aggression in his cell.

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