Monday 11 December 2017

Iran must recognise Israel, says Netanyahu

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday that any final nuclear deal with Iran must include a commitment from Tehran recognising Israel's right to exist.

Netanyahu, whose address to the US Congress last month failed to stop the US and five other major powers agreeing a framework accord with Tehran on Thursday, made the demand after his security cabinet met to discuss the deal.

"Israel demands that any final agreement with Iran will include a clear and unambiguous Iranian commitment of Israel's right to exist," Netanyahu said.

"Israel will not accept an agreement which allows a country that vows to annihilate us to develop nuclear weapons, period."


US president Barack Obama, who called Thursday's agreement a "historic understanding", called Netanyahu within hours of the talks concluding, saying the deal represented progress toward a lasting solution that cuts off Iran's path to a nuclear weapon.

Obama mentioned several times during his speech on the deal that the US stood with Israel on security and would not allow "any daylight" between their positions, but the reassurances have not satisfied Netanyahu.

Israel, believed to be the only nuclear-armed state in the Middle East, has previously said it could take pre-emptive military action if necessary to stop Iran getting such weapons.


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