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IRA abuse file handed to gardai by Meath TD

A prominent Fine Gael backbencher will today provide gardai with a file containing the names of nine alleged sex abusers suspected of being moved to the Republic by the IRA.

Meath East TD Regina Doherty last night said she is confident the allegations will be treated with the utmost seriousness by gardai.

The individuals named in the file are alleged to have been involved in IRA sex crimes before being exiled by the terrorist organisation.

Ms Doherty said it is her obligation to present the names to the appropriate authorities.

"I have been contacted by many individuals, TDs and otherwise, who are really concerned that there is an abuser in their counties," Ms Doherty told the Herald.

"I will meet my local sergeant and have already spoken to him about the information I intend to provide him.

"They will deal with the information how they feel fit and I am confident in their ability to investigate this," she added.

Ms Doherty was one of a number of TDs who delivered a passionate response to Sinn Fein's treatment of abuse victim Mairia Cahill and the party's alleged cover-up of child sexual abuse. Earlier this week, she told the Dail that she was "too afraid" to read the names of the alleged abusers.