Thursday 21 November 2019

'Internet trolls upset Room To Improve clients', says Dermot

Dermot Bannon with Katie and Padraig on Room To Improve
Dermot Bannon with Katie and Padraig on Room To Improve

Dermot Bannon has revealed that he advises the people who appear on his hit RTE show Room To Improve to ignore the online hate they receive.

The TV star also admitted that he gets upset by online trolls who target the show's participants, who enlist Dermot to give their home a makeover.

"It's a tough one. When you do this kind of stuff, you are going to get a reaction and there's nothing you can do.

"I take it with a pinch of salt and let it go over my head," he said.

"For the clients who go on the show, sometimes it really upsets them and that upsets me."

"You've become good friends with them. Sometimes the show might show a certain angle of somebody or they might come across a certain way and that's not the true, full-rounded person you know. We often tell them, 'please ignore it'."

Dermot said he sometimes checks what viewers are saying on social media while the episode airs but ultimately he reckons there's not much one can do about the abuse.


"Twitter either loves you or hates you, there's no in between. It's on your mind, when I read through Twitter on a Sunday night I think, 'Oh God, stop'. There's nothing you can do about it," he told the Herald.

Limerick woman Katie Ryan received criticism from viewers after she and Dermot had several disagreements over an open-plan design for her home. However, the architect insisted they got on great.

"If you were going to go for a pint with anyone from the series, it would probably be Katie because she was great fun," he said.

Unlike many reality shows, which are often accused of manipulation by producers or for featuring attention-seeking contestants, Dermot insisted no one goes on Room To Improve for fame.

"It's special in a way that we get a new set of clients every week. No matter how much I may think of myself, people tune in to see the clients," he said.

"It's real money they are investing. It's reality TV at its best, there's no fakeness to it because they're spending real money. Nobody goes on Room To Improve just to be on TV."

Dermot previously had singer Daniel O'Donnell and his wife Majella as clients but he says there will be no celebrities on the next series. However, there is one RTE star he has his eye on should she ever want to give her home a touch-up.

"Miriam O'Callaghan would be a good one," he said.

"Daniel and Majella brought a huge audience, which we couldn't believe. We didn't choose them because they were celebs, we chose them because they had a good project."

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