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'Inspirational' O'Sullivan tells new recruits to speak up

Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan has called on the new Garda Reserve graduates to have the courage to stand up and ask questions.

"We have to make sure that the little things, that sometimes may not be right, are very much addressed and I'm asking for all of your support in doing that," Commissioner O'Sullivan said at a Garda Reserve graduation ceremony in Templemore yesterday. It was her first official graduation as full commissioner following last Tuesday's appointment.

"It's also about having the courage to say 'no' and to stand up to a consensus that has taken hold but is wrong, and all of us in our lives and I'm not just talking about policing, have occasions that we see something happening that isn't the right thing to do," Commissioner O'Sullivan told the 62 new graduates.

One new graduate with courage and who has been inspired by the new commissioner is Dubliner Colette Fahy (26). She said being female did not matter when it came to the force.

"I don't think it's any different, I'm pretty tough so to me it's no different. I'm pretty competitive as well so it doesn't bother me. I go to the gym and I do runs and I'm a black-belt in Karate as well," Ms Fahy told the Herald. From Clondalkin she will now be based in Tallaght in her role as a member of the Garda Reserve.

"What we're taught in the college is to address people a bit more, you are human too and that you understand their situation and you want to sympathise with them, but it has to be strict as well, so it's hard to kind of balance that," said the newly-graduated Garda Reserve member.

Commenting on the new commissioner's first official speech Ms Fahy described it as "inspirational."