Monday 21 January 2019

Inquiry quizzes up to 50 gardai on cocaine find

UP to 50 colleagues of a garda caught with cocaine have been interviewed in an internal affairs probe.

The officers were spoken to by detectives from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NCBI), who arrested the officer last month for possession of cocaine.

The garda has checked himself into rehab to be treated for cocaine addiction following his suspension from the force.

The garda, who is in his 20s, was caught with 10 grams of cocaine on January 31 after a belated Christmas party at his station in Dublin's G Division.

A colleague was also suspended after admitting that a proportion of the drugs were for his use. He has also checked himself into the rehab.

A source said: "Colleagues of the men have now been interviewed by NBCI officers, and were asked if they had any suspicions about the gardai and their contacts with criminals."

The DPP will receive a file on the gardai in the coming weeks. The garda caught with the cocaine is also being investigated for his alleged links to a tiger kidnapping gang in Lucan.

As a result of the Internal Affairs Investigation, up to 22 cases, where the garda was a prosecuting officer, have also been placed in jeopardy.


A number of the drugs prosecutions that must now be dropped are against 'Fat' Freddie Thompson's dealers and his rivals in the south city.

The DPP has ordered every pending prosecution being brought by the two men to be reviewed over fears they may be thrown out by judges.

The men are not believed to have been involved in any high- profile cases.


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