Friday 15 December 2017

Inquest hears of deer danger

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is examining a report by a coroner that recommends extra fencing to stop deer getting onto the road.

The call was made by South Kerry Coroner Terence Casey following an inquest into the death of a woman who died in a car accident near the Killarney National Park earlier this year.

Susan von der Geest died when the car in which she and her daughter were travelling left the road and struck a tree on the N72 at Ballydowney, Killarney last January.

Although there was no evidence to suggest deer had contributed to the accident, Mr Casey called for additional fencing to be put up to prevent them from getting onto the road.

Croc spotted in Greek lake

Greece has its own lake monster - and it's no Nessie. Authorities on the resort island of Crete say a 6-foot crocodile was spotted last week in a man-made lake near the seaside town of Rethymno.

Crocodiles are not native to Greece. Regional official Vangelis Mamangakis said today it was unclear how long it has been there. He told private Antenna TV that parts of the lake have been fenced off and efforts will be made to remove it.

Tetrapod trek remains closed

ONE of the biggest visitor attractions on Valentia Island remains closed at peak season and so far the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is unable to say when it will reopen.

The Valentia Island Tetrapod trackway remains closed this week due to "damage" although the department has also so far not been able to outline the extent of the damage or what caused it.

Fossil found of 21ft giant bird

A fossil found in the US has revealed a gigantic bird that apparently snatched fish while soaring over the ocean some 25 million to 28 million years ago.

Its estimated wingspan of around 21 feet (6.4 meters) is bigger than the height of a giraffe. The bird is named Pelagornis sandersi. The name honours a retired museum curator who recovered the fossil.

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