Wednesday 20 March 2019

Innocent gran's car smashed up in 'feud revenge'

The family home of a grandmother has been targeted by thugs connected to an exiled drugs trafficker as a bitter feud simmers in south Dublin.

Sources said the innocent woman's car was smashed up in an apparent revenge attack.

The incident happened after a four-wheel-drive vehicle belonging to a woman known to Christopher 'Git' Russell was also targeted.

Attacks have occurred in a number of locations in Drimnagh and form part of a violent dispute between Russell and his enemies, Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh and his sidekick Paul Rice.

Sources say the grandmother's house was targeted simply because she is related to Kavanagh. Detectives are continuing to monitor the situation after the High Court ruled this week that Russell's house was acquired mostly with the proceeds of crime.

Mr Justice George Birmingham said there was "cogent evidence" that Russell had close and extensive links to people involved in the "upper levels of serious crime".

Although he had only one conviction - in January 1992 for obstruction - the high level criminals he associated with included Keith Maloney of Peyton Court, Rathcoole, who is serving seven years for possession of €2.4m worth of drugs.


In December 2010, 'Git' paid €17,300 for the Russell and Maloney families to go on a cruise to Florida, the Criminal Assets Bureau told the court.

CAB says Russell and his wife have been the beneficial owners of the house, where the woman lived, since 2000.

She did not accept her husband was involved in crime and, if he was, she was not aware of it. Russell's current whereabouts are unknown.

The judge rejected claims that funding for the purchase of the house came from a tow truck business Russell claimed to operate. There was no evidence that such a business ever existed, he said.

The judge said he was also satisfied that the income from such a business was not consistent with Russell's lifestyle, which included a Florida cruise and a €38,000 house extension.

There was evidence linking him directly to 40kg of cannabis seized by gardai in June 2009, though he was never charged in connection with it.


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