Friday 14 December 2018

Inmate who got out of his handcuffs

CHASE: Prisoner gives his two guards the slip as he's escorted to city court

A PRISONER slipped out of handcuffs, escaping from his two prison officer guards.

Mark O'Mahony, from Kilbarrack, in north Dublin, was brought from Wheatfield prison to Swords District Court under escort to appear on a robbery charge.


The 23-year-old was serving two sentences of five and three months for having no insurance and was remanded in custody at the court hearing on January 10 to await a trial date on the robbery charge.

There are no secure cells at the Swords courthouse and while a prison officer went to complete the paperwork, O'Mahony, who was cuffed on one hand to a second officer, managed to slip out of his handcuffs and ran off.

He escaped out a side door and was chased by the second officer through a nearby field, but he was too quick and disappeared.

Gardai were quickly on the scene but could find no sign of O'Mahony.

The two prison officers were forced to go back to Wheatfield and explain how they lost their prisoner.

Under regulations both officers are responsible for keeping tabs on a prisoner at all times and the governor of the prison has launched an investigation.

Gardai managed to track O'Mahony down to a house in north Dublin three days after his dramatic escape.

He was brought back to the jail where he spent a number of days in solitary confinement.


He is now likely to be charged with unlawfully escaping from custody.

Prison sources say they have no idea why O'Mahony fled because he was due to complete his sentences on March 23.


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