Tuesday 23 January 2018

Inmate in jail roof 'Full Monty' set to face dressing-down

The robber on the rooftop
The robber on the rooftop

A Mountjoy inmate will face disciplinary action after he climbed on to the prison's rooftop - and then stripped naked.

The 23-year-old Dublin man, who is serving a three-year term for robbery, managed to gain access to the roof at about 1.50pm yesterday.

He then made his way to the roof above the D Division landing. A source said the inmate was looking for contraband, which was on the prison rooftop. Pictures show the criminal gathering up a number of small wrapped bags while standing on the roof.


He then proceeded to strip naked, with a source saying he did "the Full Monty" as prison staff tried to persuade him to come down.

"The situation lasted for a few hours but ended peacefully thankfully. He should now expect to be disciplined after his Full Monty show," said a source.

"Contraband, including drugs, are on the roof from previous attempts to get them into the prison. It looks like he was up there to get them," the source added.

Prison staff and a trained negotiator were called to the scene. The man eventually put his clothes back on and returned to the jail of his own accord at 4.45pm.

An Irish Prison Service (IPS) spokesman praised the work of staff who brought the situation under control.

"The staff handled the incident professionally and nobody was hurt," said the spokesman.

"An investigation is now underway and disciplinary action will be taken."

Prison officials previously used the promise of a snack box to persuade an inmate to get down from an Irish jail.


Two prisoners, who staged a sit-in on the roof of Cloverhill Prison, only relented when authorities offered them chicken and chips in return for their co-operation.

That stand-off lasted for about 12 hours until the situation eventually came to an end.

"There's nothing wrong with offering food and the situation then ended peacefully," a source said at the time.

"The ultimate objective is to ensure the safety of the inmate and staff."

Eleven prisoners were taken to hospital and tens of thousands of euro of damage was caused when a riot broke out at the west Dublin prison in 2015.

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