Thursday 23 November 2017

Inmate cut from ear to ear in brutal jail assault

Mountjoy Prison in Dublin (Stock Image)
Mountjoy Prison in Dublin (Stock Image)

A criminal has been left with horrific facial injuries after he was sliced "from ear to ear" in a brutal attack in Mountjoy Prison.

Jail bosses are investigating whether the attack on David Saunders (25), from Cabra, is linked to a bitter dispute among inmates.

Saunders spent two nights in the Mater Hospital last weekend being treated for his injuries after the "shiv" attack late last Friday.

Shivs are weapons made from a sharpened piece of metal with tape wrapped around the end to act as a handle.

The chief suspect in the case is a 27-year-old criminal from Tallaght who was locked up last October for 18 months for burglary.

He is expected to face internal disciplinary sanctions next week.

Saunders has been in jail since November 2015 for a variety of offences.

They include the unlawful taking of a vehicle, for which he received a two-and-a-half year sentence last May.

The badly-scarred criminal is due to be released in December.

Sources said that one line of inquiry being followed by jail bosses is that he was stabbed in the face as part of a dispute.

Saunders, of Fassaugh Avenue, Cabra, is well-known to gardai and was only 19 when he was convicted of two counts of threatening and abusive behaviour in 2010.

This was in relation to an incident in which he threw eggs and stones at gardai in Cabra.

Dublin District Court heard there was a large group of youths at both of the incidents.


Saunders was among a number of teenagers who were goading gardai.

Gda John Drennan said he drove to Fassaugh Avenue and, when Saunders saw the patrol car, he threw three eggs at the vehicle, hitting it once on the passenger door.

The officer told the court he was on foot patrol on another date, again on Fassaugh Avenue, when Saunders threw stones at him.

Saunders also admitted taking a pedal bike from an apartment complex on November 1, 2009.

He rode on it to the Centra store at Royal Canal Park and ran away when he realised he had been followed by security staff.

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