Tuesday 23 January 2018

Inmate and his parents arrested over prionser's hospital stabbing escape

An INMATE in Portlaoise Prison and his parents were arrested this morning by detectives investigating the escape of violent prisoner Derek Brockwell from Tallaght Hospital last month.

Senior sources say that it is suspected that all three of the suspects in garda custody today played an active role in Brockwell's escape on the afternoon of February 17 last.

The inmate who was arrested was a jail pal of Brockwell (54).

Sources said he is a criminal in his 30s from north Dublin and is serving a "medium length" sentence in Ireland's highest security prison.

The couple, in their early 60s, were arrested at their home while their son was taken from Portlaoise Prison shortly before 8am.

The trio are being questioned at Tallaght and Rathfarnham Garda Stations.

"The analysis of phone calls and CCTV has played a huge role in this investigation. The two males who have been arrested certainly have a lot to answer in this case," a source explained.


On the afternoon of his escape, Brockwell produced a knife which had been left for him in a toilet by an accomplice in the diabetic unit of Tallaght Hospital.

Scottish national Brockwell stabbed prison officers Dan Buckley and Graham Flynn who are both understood to be making a good recovery from their injuries.

Brockwell then ran out of the hospital and was driven away on a motorbike by an accomplice.

It is understood that he was later transferred to a car.

He crossed the border but was arrested by PSNI officers in Belfast less than 30 hours after his dramatic escape.

He stabbed himself when approached by police outside a Belfast pub and they were forced to use a taser on the violent offender during the course of his arrest.

Brockwell is suspected of two robberies in Belfast before he was caught, including a hold-up at Urban Pharmacy on Belfast's Dublin Road.

When Brockwell is deemed well enough, he is expected to appear before a court in Northern Ireland where he is due to be charged in relation to at least two armed robberies.

It is understood that these charges will be dealt with first before the decision to re-locate Brockwell to either Ireland or England to serve the sentences he is wanted for in both jurisdictions.

When he is eventually sent back here, he is likely to be charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon with intent to endanger life.


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