Thursday 12 December 2019

In the run from my front door to the car I got soaked to the skin

THE windows rattled and the drill of rainfall on the roof woke everyone at 4am.

I looked outside and the sky was a forbidding granite grey with rain pouring off our windows and roof.

Our road in north Cork was already half-submerged -- and we were told there was still another 40mm of rain on the way. If this was only the start, how bad would it be?

And if what we've already experienced is anything to go by, you'd better brace yourselves in Dublin.

By early today, Garda Stations and local radio were reporting that floods were already causing chaos on side roads throughout Cork city and suburbs.

Motorists heading to the airport reported sheets of water sweeping across one of the busiest roads in the city -- causing widespread skidding and aquaplaning.

In the run from my front door to my car to head to work I got soaked to the skin. The rain hit horizontally. The wipers on my Toyota were switched to their fastest setting and the slow, careful journey into the city began.

From one roadside field, a flood of rain and liquid mud poured out on to the tarmac.

Inland, the winds weren't quite as bad as we'd feared but down in west Cork it was a different story. One friend said that winds along the Mizen and Beara Peninsulas were so strong that cars were rocked back and forth even when parked.

Some councils feared that winds would reach such velocities that slates would be ripped from roofs.

It will take 24 hours for the rainfall to wash down from the mountains -- and only then will towns like Fermoy and Mallow discover if they face yet another flood.


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