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In brief: Protests over 'sexist' judge

protesters have rallied against a judge who cited how a sexual assault victim was dressed when he chose not to jail the defendant.

Campaigners waved signs and chanted outside the law courts against comments made by Justice Robert Dewar, who also cited the way she acted as reasons for giving a man a conditional sentence in Winnipeg, Canada.

Lorraine Parrington, who co-ordinates the sexual assault crisis programme, said the judge's remarks demonstrated a need for more education about how women should be treated in sexual assault cases.

22 die in bus ravine plunge

A bus ran off a road and crashed nearly 600ft down a ravine, killing 22 people and leaving 39 injured.

Police said it appeared the bus driver was trying to pass another vehicle and lost control about 60 miles east of Lima, Peru.

Officers found the wrecked bus deep in the ravine. Authorities said the driver was among the dead.

Toddler locked in a bank vault

A toddler spent two hours trapped in a bank vault.

Firefighters rescued the 14-month-old after the child went missing while visiting a grandparent who worked at the Wells Fargo bank in Conyers, Atlanta, in the US.

The child was found after being spotted on security cameras inside the vault, which had a time lock.