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IN BRIEF: Lissadell appeal on right-of-way

AN appeal over rights-of-way at the historic Lissadell estate in Co Sligo may be heard in the Supreme Court next year.

Mr Justice John MacMenamin indicated that he was aiming for a hearing in January, 2013. The appeal could take up to 10 days, the judge was told.

The appeal has been taken by Constance Cassidy and Edward Walsh, the owners of Lissadell, against the High Court judgment of Mr Justice Bryan McMahon, delivered in December 2010. Judge McMahon dismissed their proceedings brought against Sligo County Council concerning the existence of rights of way.

The owners are also appealing an award of costs against them for the 58-day High Court proceedings, which are estimated at €6m.

Flashmob riot in Mexico City

POLICE arrested 226 young people following what appeared to have been one of Mexico's first instances of flashmob violence.

Mexico City police chief Manuel Mondragon said two young men had called on people to gather for a concert of reggaeton music on Sunday, but hundreds arrived. As many as 600 youths then went on the rampage, hitting stations, robbing people and hurling fireworks.

Drug reduces risk of HIV

AMERICA'S Food and Drug Administration has approved the first medicine shown to reduce the risk of HIV -- the latest milestone in the 30-year battle against the Aids virus.

The agency approved Gilead Sciences' pill Truvada as a preventive measure for healthy people at high risk of acquiring HIV through sexual activity. The decision comes less than two weeks after the agency approved another landmark product; the first over-the-counter HIV test.

Homes shelled in Damascus

SYRIAN rebels fired grenades at tanks while regime troops shelled Damascus neighbourhoods, sending terrified families fleeing the most sustained and widespread fighting in the capital since the start of the uprising 16 months ago.

A ring of fierce clashes nearly encircled the heavily-guarded capital as rebels seek to overthrow President Bashar Assad.