Tuesday 12 December 2017

In Brief: Jail for hiding murder knife

A MAN has been jailed for six years, with the last two suspended, for impeding the garda investigation into the murder of father-of-two Peter Gunn.

Father-of-one Kastriot Boza (38) of Newgrove Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin, admitted disposing of a meat knife and a blood-stained carpet to help a murderer.

The offences took place at the Albanian national's flat in Dublin January 6 or 7, 2009. Peter Gunn (29) from Glasnevin was found dead at Dunsoghly Lane in The Ward on January 15, 2009.

He had been missing for 11 days before his body was found. He had been stabbed.

Gardai accepted that Boza took part in the disposal of evidence because he was under threat and in fear for his life.

Knox appeals slander charge

A spokesman for Amanda Knox says her Italian lawyer has filed an appeal of her slander conviction in Italy.

In October, an Italian appeals court overturned the young Seattle woman's murder conviction in the 2007 death of her British roommate in Perugia. But it upheld Knox's conviction for slander -- for falsely accusing bar owner Diya "Patrick" Lumumba of involvement in the slaying.

Knox later said she was "manipulated" during her lengthy police interrogation.

A beer helps marathon man

An Irish ultra runner says a bottle of beer helped him become the only man to run seven marathons on seven continents in less than five days.

Richard Donovan broke his own record by completing his final run in Sydney in four days, 22 hours and three minutes.

The 45-year-old said: "I was absolutely wrecked. I wasn't even able to keep down water.

"I had one bottle of Heineken during the race for some carbs and one at the end of it. It was the first time something stayed down in days."

Now Jay-Z gets to Carnegie Hall

Jay-Z has entered a new level of music superstardom, performing at New York's Carnegie Hall.

The veteran rapper performed more than two dozen hits at the famed venue, one of two shows for charity planned this week.

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