Sunday 10 December 2017

In Brief: Bubbly could kill me, says Fry

While most celebrities indulge in expensive bottles of champagne over the festive period, Stephen Fry will actively avoid the bubbly -- for fear it could kill him.

Champagne triggers his asthma symptoms and can induce a potentially life-threatening attack, the actor said. "Champagne can leave a lot of people feeling poorly the next day but for me it is far more serious because it could trigger a potentially fatal asthma attack," he said.

Army day-care centre scandal

At least 31 people have been suspended from two US Army day-care centres at Fort Myer, Virginia, after officials scrutinised their backgrounds and found criminal convictions including fourth-degree sexual assault and drug use.

The escalating scandal surrounding the Fort Myer Child Development Centre has triggered a review of recruiting procedures.

Two satellites are launched

The European space consortium Arianespace has launched a rocket with two satellites from the South American country of French Guiana.

An Ariane 5 rocket first deployed a payload for the British military's Skynet 5 satellite system and will be in orbit over the Middle East.

The second will provide communication services to Mexico.

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