Friday 15 December 2017

'I'm your secret killer' - text allegedly sent by accused to Elaine

Elaine O'Hara (left) and Graham Dwyer (right)
Elaine O'Hara (left) and Graham Dwyer (right)

GRAHAM Dwyer is alleged to have sent a text message to Elaine O'Hara saying he was her "secret killer", the jury in his trial heard.

The court was told of a series of text messages sent to Elaine O'Hara from a phone that the prosecution alleges Mr Dwyer was using.

Analyst Sarah Skedd handed a booklet into court with hundreds of text messages retrieved from five phones the prosecution claims are central to its case.

Prosecutor Sean Guerin SC then read dozens of the messages between Ms O'Hara's iPhone 086 3311207 and the number 083 1103474, a pre-paid phone purchased by a "Goroon Caisholm" which the prosecution claims was being used by Mr Dwyer.

"Hi Elaine, hope you are keeping well," said the first message on March 25, 2011.

"Who's this please," she replied.

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"Sorry I may have the wrong number, is this Elaine O'Hara?," the text read.

"This is an old friend. We used to play together and I miss it terribly. Would love to catch up."

Mr Guerin said that the man eventually told Ms O'Hara it was "David".

"I'm not in to blood anymore," she replied.

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They arranged to meet and communication continued through March and April,

At one point Ms O'Hara texted: "Sir. I have to be honest. There's someone else. It's very early in the relationship but if it comes down to it I would chose him over you. I hope you don't mind." He replies: "Like waiting for the 46A lol.

"He can't use my knife or balaclava. He can't know about me in case I have to end it."

"You deserve a full-time master, I'm your secret killer," the text continued.

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"He won't know about you, that is certain," she texted. "The more male DNA and fingerprints in your flat the better. Get his prints on your kitchen knife," he replied.

In subsequent texts, she spoke about "marks" being left on her after his visits.

"Don't worry about marks. Sudocrem at night, we will put arnica on in the mornings. You can wear polo necks like me," came the reply. Later he said: "Still dying to knife someone, worried I might do it."

When she asked, "what about the one in USA?" he replied: "That would cost thousands, can't wait that long to sink my knife into flesh and see blood pour."

In another text, he said: "I will find someone out walking to knife, will you help?"

In another, he asked: "If you ever want to die promise me I can do it," and she replied that she promised to.

"Promise I can kill you by stabbing?" he asked. "Yes maybe," she replied.

When he told her he wanted to find "a suitcase she will fit in", she replied: "You are going to drive yourself crazy thinking all these things all the time, just enjoy what you have, it's easier."

His response was: "Stab stab stab rape kill."


He spoke of "smuggling her out in a suitcase - it will be fun, you will be OK in there with an airhole," then: "off to the woods for fun and a burial".

"In your dreams, sir," she replied.

On one date, he texted: "I'm here at your place. No punishment, just rape ... I'll be five minutes in and out."

She replied: "You don't give up do you? I'm scared. I know what you can do remember?"

On April 2, 2011 Ms O'Hara texted: "Sir, the marks are from you pretending to cut me. Your blades are sharp. So if you hit off my skin it leaves a mark. Yes I am sore, I'm bleeding." On April 4, he said: "I still think going to USA too dangerous, the police are very good over there."

When she texted she was sure he would get caught, he replied: "Then I will have to do it over here, but how?"

He said he could not meet her on another day because he had a "creche run" in the morning.

Another text from the 083 number referred to the birth of a "beautiful baby girl".

She asked if he could "check someone" for her and he texted: "I love stalking. Who? Want them killed?" She replied: "Not killed Lol."

He later sent her a text saying: "Woman stabbed last night in Dublin, guy got away clean." He continued: "I am watching the case with interest, she is still alive. Big mistake leaving witnesses. I would love to have been the one knifing her. Can you imagine the knife going in and out of her and all the blood? Must have been a fantastic feeling for him. Lucky guy."

In another text, he said: "I can't see you as an old lady somehow. If you do decide to end it one day, you have promised me I can send you off."

He later told her it would be painless and she would be "unconscious when I'm killing you".

"Choke?" she asked. "Or use chloroform or use sleeping tablets," he replied.

"Oh sir, you will never kill me against my will. You've left too much evidence at my place. I'm not very good at cleaning," she said in another reply.

Further text message evidence is due to be heard by the jury today.


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