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I'm still getting a laugh out of TV panel shows

We FILM a show called The Blame Game for the BBC every Thursday at this time of the year.

The Blame Game is a comedy panel show where we take a rather irreverent look at some current news stories.

I'm on the panel with some comedy greats like Colin Murphy, Jake O'Kane, Tim McGarry and then we're usually joined by a special guest on each episode such as Andrew O'Neill or impressionist Ronni Ancona. Ronni (pictured) recently did a hilarious sketch on Marilyn Monroe.

This is the 10th year we've been doing it and it's brilliant craic to make - we have so much fun on set.

If a new panel show goes really well and there is a lot of improvisation going on, it's probably the most fun telly you can do because everyone is making each other laugh as well as the audience.