Tuesday 15 October 2019

'I'm so proud - Charlie has a new liver and he's beat cancer', says mum

Brave Charlie and his mum, Helen
Brave Charlie and his mum, Helen

A boy who was on life support this time last year has earned the nickname 'Champ' after beating a rare form of cancer.

Brave Charlie Lynch (10) had previously gone through a gruelling liver transplant operation to save his life.

Those were dark days for Charlie and his mother, Helen, especially as they waited for a suitable donor to be found.

During that time, they relocated from Tullamore, Co Offaly, to the UK.

Then, in late March last year when things were not looking good, the transplant team found a suitable liver.

Charlie then underwent life-saving surgery at King's College Hospital, an acute care facility in south London.

Charlie did so well after the operation that he was discharged earlier then expected.

However, within months, he was back in hospital and soon ended up on life support.

Doctors told Helen that Charlie had developed a rare type of cancer called Kaposi sarcoma, which was attacking his organs, and he was immediately put on chemotherapy.


Having fought back to come off life support, Charlie was told that he had cancer, and was facing a lengthy treatment programme, including chemotherapy.

Charlie has again fought and has again won his battle.

Having completed his treatment protocol, he has been given the fantastic news that he has beaten cancer.

His proud mum said Charlie has now been told that he is all clear - no more cancer or liver disease.

"We are over the moon. So proud of my 'Champ'. Nothing can stop him now," she said.

"A year on, Charlie's doing amazing. He's fought against all the odds and has proved everyone wrong.

"Charlie and I are very grateful for everyone's support over the past 10 years. Tullamore stood by us. It was amazing. Never in a million years did we expect the support that we got.

"We will be sure to get back to visit everyone as soon as we can."

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