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'I'm so happy I moved closer to my love', says Ruth


Ruth O'Neill. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Ruth O'Neill. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Ruth O'Neill. Photo: Brian McEvoy

She has been living it up in London for the last few months and Ruth O'Neill has told how the move meant she no longer has to have a long-distance relationship with her other half.

The Castleknock woman is in a relationship with a man named Conor Murphy who she met in Dublin's Dean Hotel.

After she quit her role on Xpose, where she hosted alongside fellow newbie Cassie Stokes who has remained with the show, the TV host made the move to the UK.

"He is unbelievably supportive. He loves London and has been there for years.

"One of us had to move because we were doing long distance," she said.

With her previously hectic work schedule on Xpose, Ruth found the travelling tough when it came to visiting.

"It's just annoying. Especially when you travel so much with Xpose and then you're getting on a plane to go and see your boyfriend. It's all good now, it all worked out," she said.

Ruth previously worked in both New York and Los Angeles, where she was a correspondent for E! News, and has considered moving back, saying she talks about it "all the time".

However, she would have to make sure it was OK with Conor first.

"I don't know, we would have to talk about that and figure out what's right for us. I couldn't just say to him, 'you're coming'. He has a totally different career," she said.


Ruth previously revealed she had found it a big adjustment moving back to Dublin for her role on Xpose as many of her friends were no longer in the city, having moved away.

While she is enjoying living in the new city, it has meant she has to start from the bottom when it comes to work.

"I am enjoying London, it's brilliant. I'm still settling in but I am happy there.

"I'm really enjoying being freelance at the moment and picking and choosing.

"I think it's kind of what I wanted to do for a while, I just needed that push.

"I suppose (it is scary). Especially in London, I'm starting from scratch in terms of contacts and trying to network.

"It's very different over there, it's very different to LA and very different to Dublin. But it's great, it's a new chapter," she told the Diary.

Ruth was speaking at the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards at the Burlington Hotel in Ballsbridge where she served as MC.

"I love coming back for work and seeing my parents and the weather has been the dream.

"I come back often, that's the best thing about living in London here, how close it is to Ireland.

"I have so many different places that feel like home. I miss the fresh air and how friendly the people are," she said.