Monday 18 November 2019

I'm ready to take on prime time TV - Diana

Diana Bunici
Diana Bunici

RTE star Diana Bunici is quitting children's TV as she sets her sights on becoming the next Kathryn Thomas.

The well-known 'Elev8' presenter (25) is hoping to land a new travel or entertainment show once her time on the programme comes to an end in January.

"It's an exciting time for me because I'll be closing the door with kids' TV and trying to move on," she said.

"Once Elev8 finishes, I think it's a natural end for me. I turn 26 in October and I'm really keen to do a Reality Bites show, I've loads of ideas. I'm more into documentaries and things that are a little bit more serious and factual. I would love to do an entertainment show or a reality show, I'm open to loads of things.


"This is my fifth year on Elev8. I feel I've learnt so much and I'd like to apply it in a new way. I'd like to think the audience has grown with me and we do things that are a little bit older now, so I feel that the time is right," she added.

She said that what she likes about the TV industry is that it's not longer acceptable just to be an "auto-cutie".

"I love that it's expected that you're able to write, you're able to edit, you're able to script. And luckily I've had four-and-a-half years of just that. I feel that I can take those skills and bring them to an older audience," she continued.

Diana, who moved here from Moldova when she was eight, has been in talks with various production companies about projects as she looks to her next gig.

"I've done pilots for an entertainment show and a travel show," she added.

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