Friday 18 January 2019

I'm proud of raunchy banned advert, says Roz

Roz Purcell in controversial Newbridge Silverware ad
Roz Purcell in controversial Newbridge Silverware ad

Top model Rozanna Purcell is standing proudly by a controversial Newbridge Silverware ad.

The 24-year-old found herself in the centre of a scandal after her online ad for the Kildare jewellery company was banned for being "overtly sexual."

Admitting she was surprised with the decision by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI), sparked after just one complaint, she said her whole family thought it was great.

"The shoot was meant to be Cuban-inspired, almost Eva Mendes sensual and that's how I acted," she told the Herald.

"I still think the jewellery is the main focus, even when I look back on the ad now.

Roz Purcell's Newbridge ad banned for being 'exploitative' ... after just one complaint

"I was surprised as anyone who has seen it from my family loved it and they would always be very critical, especially if they found something too provocative. I still love the ad and shoot and I think the majority do too."

The ad for the eShe collection was shot about six months ago and when the range initially went on sale it met with such a positive reaction that it sold out.

The stylist on the shoot, Courtney Smith, also expressed her surprise at the move by the ASAI.

Shot by celebrity photographer Barry McCall, she said it proved that Ireland could still be "old fashioned" in its views.


Courtney explained how the shoot was inspired by Cuba of the 1930s and was done in a sensual, artistic fashion and there was nothing smutty about it.

"I think Barry did an incredible job. There are certain ways that you could have taken it but when you have such an incredible photographer to work with, I think it's very beautiful.

"It's not like there's any nipples out, it's not in any way vulgar. I know it's sensual but not to the point that it's offensive. I think it's sexy but fashion is sexy.

"If you look at Cara Delavigne in the new John Hard ad, she's totally nude in about four of the shots and, as a woman, I do not find that objectifying or offensive.

"Roz really enjoyed it. She has done a couple of campaigns for Newbridge and they were always safer and very beautiful. But she really got into character with this. She's naturally a very sexy girl anyway," Courtney said


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