Saturday 16 December 2017

'I'm not taking heroin, I'm having one drink' - pregnant Maia Dunphy fed up of stares when she has a drink

Maia Dunphy and comedian husband Johnny Vegas
Maia Dunphy and comedian husband Johnny Vegas

Expectant mum Maia Dunphy said that she is fed up with the constant interferance and advice from people about her pregnancy - particularly when she is enjoying a glass of wine.

Maia (38) and husband Jonny Vegas (inset) are expecting their first child - a boy.

But she said that everyone around her, including strangers, have an opinion on her pregnancy.

"It's not just the baby who invades you, it's everybody else. Everyone has got opinions and the scaremongering is crazy," she said.

"I'm not drinking drinking, but I'm probably having one or two drinks a week, like a glass of wine with Sunday lunch or a beer but people look at you and go, 'Oh you're having a drink? I thought you were pregnant'. Then the judgemental stares begin.

"I'm not taking heroin, I'm having one drink. So I tend to ignore them now."

Maia said she has been staying away from pregnancy books.

"I mean, this is what we're built to do. The main thing about having a baby is the fear, and if you read too much the fear builds up," she said. "I wouldn't watch One Born Every Minute shows in a million years."

Maia said she is slightly daunted by the task ahead of her.


"I've never changed a nappy in my life but I lived in Borneo for a year and I changed a baby orangutan's nappy," the Dalkey native said.

"They basically have four arms so that's surely harder."

The RTE presenter said that when she initially discovered she was pregnant, she feared it would impact on her employment.

"I'm kind of a worst-case scenario person so I was thinking about how it would impact on my work," Maia said. "But at the end of the day I'm pregnant, not sick, so I'll still be working, just in larger clothes.

Pregnancy was a surprise for the What Women Want host but has embraced it wholly.

"When you're in your very late 30s all the baby stories are ones of great relief or difficulty so when people see you going 'Oh God, this is a bit odd actually', I think people are thrown. But what I've realised is every woman is different so everyone should just feel free to say what they're feeling," Maia said in an interview with the Sunday World's Magazine+.


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