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'I'm not one of the Fair City stars on €459 a day', says Aoibheann


Aoibheann McCaul in a scene with Catherine Byrne

Aoibheann McCaul in a scene with Catherine Byrne

Aoibheann McCaul in a scene with Catherine Byrne

while some of Fair City's actors may be pocketing €459 for a single day's work, Aoibheann McCaul has insisted she is not one of them.

The actress, who plays Caoimhe Dillon on the long-running soap, admitted she is not on the big pay day RTE previously confirmed as the daily shift rate for performers on the programme.

The TV star said she found the news of her fellow actor's salaries "hilarious".

"I actually had to move my gold Lexus to bring out my gold Mercedes today," she joked.

"I am building a second garage for all my other vehicles also."

While she may not be on €459 a day for her work on the series, McCaul admitted she wishes it were.

"That would mean I was on over €120,000 a year," she told the Herald.

"If I was on €120,000 a year, I would not be wearing shoes and jeans that are four years old.

"It's obviously not true. It would be great if it was true, but no."

The station confirmed to the Herald that the actors pay rate has been the same for the last four years, however they refused to state the annual salary of their leading soap stars.

It was further revealed that 26 scriptwriters were contracted to the show last year, with 15 paid €3,495 each per episode and nine each paid €1,837.

Speaking at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre's production of Chicago, the Malahide native opened up on her character's pregnancy storyline.

Aoibheann admitted that wearing a fake bump throughout filming for the Carrigstown soap had put her off the idea of having children of her own in real life.

"Fair City is going good. I am pregnant (in the show) so I have started wearing a bump which has made me realise pregnancy is not for me," she said.

"I can't even see if my fly is up. It's not heavy, but you try and do your shoes and you're like: 'Oh, this'. I could not imagine actually carrying around a bump."