Thursday 14 December 2017

'I'm not leaving TV for job in diamonds' - Grainne

Grainne Seoige Picture: Brian McEvoy
Grainne Seoige Picture: Brian McEvoy

Grainne Seoige has hit back at reports - including one from RTE - that she is quitting TV to concentrate on diamond dealing.

This week saw her launching her new bespoke service, Grace Diamonds.

However, she was annoyed by reports describing her as a "former TV presenter", with even RTE's Ten website saying she was "leaving TV to become a diamond dealer". RTE later corrected the report.

"My time in TV is not over," she said. "I still have a contract with RTE. I never said my career is over.


"I love television. Broad- casting is fantastic and exhilarating and I'm not ready to say goodbye to it."

Seoige, who has worked for RTE, TG4, TV3 and Sky News Ireland, also said she was "sort of happy" that her five-year stint on RTE's Crimecall had come to an end.

"It's a very precarious business," she said. "You can be delivering ratings and the show you're presenting can go from strength to strength.

"Then people can make a decision at top level, saying, 'We just want to change the face'. It's not personal. I had a great time working with the team. Everybody worked so hard and they're so dedicated.

"But it's a long time and the talks came around again and I was sort of happy I wasn't going to be doing it any more. It ties you into a certain type of work and it doesn't free you up to do other things."

Seoige told Today FM's Anton Savage that she has spent the past two years training with a South African company as she learnt all the tricks of gemology.

She credits her fiance, rugby coach Leon Jordaan, with helping her find her new passion.

"Leon proposed with a loose diamond which was romantic," she said. "He knew I'd have ideas about what I wanted my ring to look like.

"Then I became a part of designing it. When people saw it they thought it was great and started asking how they could get an experience like it."

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