Sunday 26 May 2019

'I'm lucky that I've never had to deal with harassment', says Una

Singer Una Healy says she never came across ‘bad people’
Singer Una Healy says she never came across ‘bad people’

Una Healy says she is "lucky' to have never experienced any harassment in the music industry.

The #MeToo movement has seen the exposure of many incidents of sexual assault in the world of entertainment and Una is grateful she has never come across any unsavoury characters during her years in the business.

"I'm so lucky, I really am. There are a lot of people out there who have had really bad experiences," she said.

"I've never come across anyone like that ever. I think that's just luck.

"It's nothing to do with my character or anyone else's, to come across these bad people.

"It's been going on in the entertainment industry."

The movement saw a reaction from many in showbusiness, with celebrities attending this year's Golden Globes all wearing black in solidarity with those who had been harassed.

Una was studying at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick when she dropped out with the aim of becoming a singer.


The Tipperary woman (36) "grafted" for years, performing gigs around the country.

She eventually landed an audition for girl group The Saturdays and was one of the five chosen to form the band in 2007.

Una admitted she was struggling to find success in the industry so much at the time that she had almost considered quitting.

"I grafted for years and years before I got into The Saturdays," she said.

"Getting into the group was my big break and I thought it was never going to happen. I was actually going to quit as well."

Una had previously tried out for reality series Popstars in her early musical days.

Speaking on talkRADIO, the singer said she believes her stringent work ethic has benefited her even more now that she is carving out a solo career.

Her debut album, The Waiting Game, was released last year and she is currently recording her second album, having recently released the single Never See Me Cry.

Although she loves what she does, Una warned that anyone looking to get into the music industry shouldn't expect an easy ride, as competition is fierce and there is no guarantee of success in the beginning.

"That hard graft has really stood to me now because now that I'm on my own, I'm starting from scratch again. It's not easy, I'll be honest," she said.

"Anyone that's thinking of getting into the music industry, you have to be prepared for such hard work and graft."

Una served as a judge on The Voice Of Ireland alongside Bressie, Kian Egan and Rachel Stevens.

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