Thursday 17 January 2019

I'm living in fear of being shot - victim's brother

A brother of murder victim Stephen 'Dougie' Moran said he is living every day in terror of being shot.

Christopher Moran said his life has been filled with fear since his brother was gunned down in Lucan last March.

Gangland figures have since threatened that he would be shot if he did not leave Ireland.

He claimed he had not been aware of the extent of his murdered brother's involvement with criminal figures. He said he was "horrified" that he had been acting as a driver for former crimelord John Gilligan.


Mr Moran said it is "terrifying" for him now "to drive around every day and having to watch over my shoulder".

The threat to his life has forced him and his family to abandon their council home in Clondalkin. Their windows had been smashed.

They fled to the UK but later returned to Ireland. They did not feel safe enough to return home so they handed the keys back to South Dublin County Council.

He telephoned RTE's Liveline programme yesterday and told Joe Duffy he was seeking help to find a new home suitable for the needs of his 12-year-old son Michael who has Down Syndrome and autism, is incontinent and in a wheelchair.

They were living on the third floor of a hostel which was completely unsuitable for the care needs of his son, he said.

Mr Moran said he had no involvement with any criminals. He had relatives who were involved with gangland criminals in Limerick and Dublin.

"There's been relatives of mine in Limerick. Five or six of them who have been murdered over the years," he said.

It was reported after the fatal shooting in March that his brother was a "gangland fixer" who consorted with known criminals.

Mr Moran said he and his brother were "total opposites" with entirely different friends and lived separate lives.

His brother was "very secretive in his ways", but as far as he was concerned his brother was a "successful businessman" with his own security company.

He acknowledged, however, that there was "always a level of threat on the brother's life".

"Everything has gone downhill for us since my brother's been murdered," he said.

He said he received a phone call from one of his brothers 20 minutes after 'Dougie' was gunned down and he went to the scene.

"I was very traumatised, and it was very traumatic for the family as well - seeing your brother on the ground after being shot," he said.

He said the victim's children had lost their father and "any family that's been in a position of losing a relative through shooting, it's horrible".

He went on to say: "All I ever wanted was peace and quiet. I'm not involved in any of this."


He said he had relatives involved in gangland crime who were "ignoramus kind of people".

"They are not the kind of people you can sit down and talk to. Drugs and power are their thing. The family have tried to make peace with them. They're not having it."

He said he did not want to move with his son Michael into the homes of his other children who have families of their own as it could be dangerous for them.

He said: "I can't because I'd be afraid, because if anyone was following me, I would not want to bring any attention on to them."


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