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'I'm just trying to get on with life' - Scissor Sister mum ends exile


Kathleen Mulhall pictured by the Herald at her new home in Dublin

Kathleen Mulhall pictured by the Herald at her new home in Dublin

Kathleen Mulhall pictured by the Herald at her new home in Dublin

Scissor Sister mum Kathleen Mulhall has moved back to Dublin and is living on the northside, the Herald can reveal.

Our exclusive photo shows Mulhall outside the house on Monday afternoon.

"I'm trying to get on with my life," the 63-year-old grandmother said when asked if she wished to talk.

Mulhall is understood to have been at the property for several weeks after spending years in London.

She was freed from jail in October 2011 after serving a five-year sentence in the Doch- as Centre for impeding the investigation into the murder of her lover Farah Swaleh Noor.

He was butchered by her daughters Charlotte and Linda in a north inner city flat in March 2005.


Her new home is not far from where the gruesome murder took place.

A local source revealed that Mulhall is often seen going to and from a nearby supermarket.

The mother-of-six spent a number of years on the run after Charlotte (34) and Linda (42) were arrested and convicted, respectively, of Noor's murder and manslaughter following one of the most gory murder trials in Irish history.

Charlotte killed Noor with a Stanley knife and Linda struck him with a hammer after the siblings claimed he tried to rape one of them.

Linda was released in January last year, but Charlotte could face many more years behind bars.

Gardai finally tracked their mother down in London in February 2008 and she agreed to come back to Ireland to face charges.

During the investigation into Noor's death, she was interviewed six times. She said she had last seen him in March 2005.

Mulhall initially denied any knowledge of the murder, but eventually admitted she had stayed silent to protect her children.

The Central Criminal Court heard at Mulhall's sentencing hearing in May 2009 that she had been abused by her parents, but had never been in trouble with the law.

She got married at a "very, very early age", according to her counsel, and endured abuse and violence at the hands of her husband, John Mulhall.

She left her husband and began a relationship with Noor, who was also violent and abusive.

"It was the most grotesque case of killing that has occurred in my professional lifetime," late judge Paul Carney told the packed court.

He said the crime to which Mulhall had pleaded guilty carried a 10-year prison term, and the Director of Public Prosecutions had recommended she receive a sentence at the top end of the scale.

Mulhall had been fully aware of the grotesque nature of the crime when she rendered assistance, the judge said, and she also laid a trail to give the impression that Noor was still alive.

However, the judge said, he took into account her voluntary return from England, lack of previous convictions and her desire to protect her daughters.

He also considered her "lifetime of being subjected to abuse and violence at the hands of her family and the men with whom she had relationships".

It is understood that Mulhall left Ireland for London shortly after completing her sentence in October 2011, and was mostly based in the UK until recent weeks when she returned home.

In an interview with another newspaper in February last year, she told of her regret over the murder that horrified Ireland and also said she was dying.

"I'm dying. I have to have a life-saving operation on my lung. It has a hole in it and it has gotten much bigger," she said.

"Doctors say I have to get the operation to have half my lung removed and I've been on a waiting list for six months.

"If I don't have the surgery I won't be here."


It is not known if Mulhall has since had surgery or if she has visited her daughter Charlotte in jail since returning to Dublin.

Last week the Herald revealed that Charlotte was "delighted" to be back in the Dochas Centre after spending nearly five months in Limerick Prison, where she was transferred after being "caught in the act" having sex with a female prison worker in her cell at the Dochas Centre.

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