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I'm having a ball, despite rising early

We've just had a week off from our radio show, and I was in the UK. It was part business, part pleasure.

I love London and had some meetings there but then headed to my pals in the west country of Glastonbury for some rest and relaxation. It was super-chilled.

My pal had just spent the day building a yurt for his friends to live in and I always have to adjust my settings to their hippy way of life.

I find it fascinating, although it wouldn't be for me. I'd miss my toilet too much.

It was a nice break and just not having to get up at 5.30am was heaven.


I was back this week full steam ahead with the lads Bernard and Keith and it's like we never left.

The show is really fun and we have a great time messing around in the morning.

We've been on air about eight months now and we're all really happy with how it's going.

We were sort of thrown in at the deep end at the start and we knew it would take a while to get used to each other but we're having a ball.

The only thing is I don't like the early mornings so much, I'm definitely a night owl.