Sunday 20 January 2019

I'm happy to miss farcical vote, says expat star Keith

Expat RTE star Keith McErlean has blasted the fact that Irish citizens living abroad can't vote in the election.

However, the former Bachelors Walk actor and star of hit series Raw has revealed how he is so disillusioned with the state of politics, he won't be voting himself.

The London-based actor from Co Donegal said: "It's all a farce but actually I won't be coming home to vote.

"I can -- I'm registered to vote, but I won't this time because I genuinely don't know who to vote for and that's the way it is.

"I have no faith in any of the parties that are there at the minute and it really looks like it's going to be Fine Gael/Labour.

"That's just another scary prospect really with Sinn Fein as possibly the Opposition so it's a very strange time.

"In a way, I'm weirdly quite happy to not be living in the country for the next four years."

The softly-spoken actor continued: "What was really frustrating in a way was the whole bailout scenario, the whole world knew that was happening yet our own politicians were standing up and saying, 'There's nothing wrong, we're not looking for a bailout'."

Needless to say, the Carndonagh native has no plans to come home any time soon, despite appearing in two RTE programmes in 2011.

"There's a lot more going on workwise," he said.

He'll be reprising his role of Shane Harte in the third series of the award-winning programme Raw, as well as taking a lead role in a new show entitled Trivia.

Keith takes on the role of pub owner Adam, who hosts a pub quiz every week.

"The team has won 47 weeks in a row and now it's become the team captain's complete obsession to win 52 weeks in a row," he explained.

Trivia is on RTE 1 at 10.15pm tonight

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