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'I'm happy Love/Hate ended on a high ... even with Elmo banged-up'


Love/Hate actor Laurence Kinlan has said he's happy with how the show has ended, even if there's no sixth series.

"If they end it now, I'm happy with that," said Kinlan, who played hapless gangster Elmo.

"I'd hate for them to do a sixth series and it not be as good and leave a bitter taste.

"I loved how it ended and thought it was so fitting to complete five years."

RTE confirmed this weekend that the series would not return in 2015, but that a sixth series is in development and it may return the following year.

"If the writer Stuart Carolan comes up with an idea in the next year that's better than season five and they want to do a series six, great, but I think Stuart has outdone himself," Kinlan said.

"Sometimes you just have to leave things as they are. Certain shows go on too long so you end up not caring about them."

Kinlan has joined the cast of the BBC's forthcoming four-part spy drama The Game with Brian Cox and Tom Hughes.

"It was very nice to go over to the UK and film that," he said.

"There was more money than we've ever dreamt of on Love/Hate so you were able to go over and relax a little about tomorrow's scenes."

Kinlan will reprise his role in Paul Howard's hugely popular play Breaking Dad, which will run in Dublin's Gaiety Theatre from February 16.


Set in 2022, the comedy sees Ireland going through an unexpected economic boom with Bertie Ahern in the running to become Taoiseach at the age of 71.

It is the third stage play Howard has written and follows on from The Last Days of the Celtic Tiger and Between Foxrock and A Hard Place.

The drama stars Lisa Lambe, Gavin Drea, Philip O'Sullivan and Rory Nolan who plays D4 playboy Ross O'Carroll Kelly.