Monday 24 September 2018

I'm excited - my future is in RTE, says busy Lottie

Lottie says she loves her work at 2fm – and feels like she is part of something new at the
station (Brian McEvoy)
Lottie says she loves her work at 2fm – and feels like she is part of something new at the station (Brian McEvoy)

RTE star Lottie Ryan has clearly inherited her late dad Gerry's work ethic when it comes to her high-flying career.

The 2fm presenter and showbiz reporter is so busy with her radio job with the national broadcaster that she has precious time off for socialising.

"I'm seven days a week in 2fm at the moment, so there's no time [to do anything else]. It's busy," Lottie told the Diary.


"I've my early show at the weekends and then there's the entertainment during the week. It's going well.

"While I have the energy, why not? It's great to be busy and I love working, so I'm happy."

While working weekends might seem like a nightmare to most people, the eldest daughter of the late broadcaster said that she makes the most of her free time.

"The show at the weekend is so early and I start at 6am, so I still have the whole day free [afterwards].

"I come home, get back into bed for a nap, wake up disorientated and then have the day to myself," she said. "It's fine, you adjust."

Last year saw her taking the plunge and moving in with long-term boyfriend Fabrio Aprile - who she has been dating for eight years - as she juggled her busy work life with her romantic life.

The 29-year-old presents the Early, Early Breakfast Show on weekends and also fronts the entertainment news during the week, including a slot on the Nicky Byrne Show. Lottie revealed that she won't be filling in for him when he flies to Stockholm for the Eurovision contest next month, as he's doing his radio show from over there.

"Nicky's team are going over to do his show in Sweden, so I'd say it will be awesome to hear the show from there - especially with Nicky involved in the Eurovision.

"I think that's the best option, doing it from there," she said.

The brunette host said that she feels her future is definitely at 2fm after landing her own radio slot last year.

"I think it's a really exciting station at the moment.

"It's a great place for young broadcasters to be.


"All this talent I get to work with all the time, it's fantastic.

"It feels like something new is happening for the first time in a long time and to be with it from the get-go is incredible."

Lottie took a break from her hectic schedule this week to help launch RTE2 survey "Generation What?", which asks 18-34 year olds to fill out a questionnaire on a wide range of subjects from sex to politics.

The findings will form the basis of a two-part RTE2 documentary this year.

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