Saturday 23 February 2019

'I'm a lot lighter on my feet thanks to dance show workouts' - Norah

Norah in action on the opening night
Norah in action on the opening night

Businesswoman and Dancing With The Stars contestant Norah Casey has said she shifted a stone of weight in the run-up to the RTE show.

Dancing With The Stars aired last night on RTE, and following her intense training period with dance partner Curtis Pritchard, Norah said that she has already noticed a change in her body shape.

"I'm already a stone lighter and my posture is totally different - I'm almost an inch taller," she said. "I was living a sedentary lifestyle and spending my days hunched over a desk. Now I'm discovering all these muscles that I've never used before. We spend an hour each day just stretching."


The former Dragon's Den judge said that she was mortified to try on the show's costumes at first.

"I thought taking part was terrifying and then I met the costume department." she said.

"Open my wardrobe and it's all navy, blue and black. Now I'm in bright pink dresses with sparkles that are quite tight.

"I was mortified when I first tried one of them on. I wouldn't wear it in front of my mother, never mind wear it in front of the whole country."

Norah said that she is enjoying the prospect of strutting her stuff in the dancing show challenge, since she recently sold the majority of her Irish magazine titles to a American investor - and was left thinking of her late husband, Richard, who died in 2011.

"When I sold the business I didn't go out to celebrate," she said. "I just sat in the hall and I looked at the picture of Richard and thought 'I should have done this sooner'."

"I think it was a time in my life where I could have been maudlin or I could take this amazing opportunity that landed in my lap."

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