Saturday 20 October 2018

'I'm a home cook, not a real chef', says Nigella

Nigella Lawson. Photo: PA Wire
Nigella Lawson. Photo: PA Wire

Television cook Nigella Lawson has revealed she had an irrational fear of poaching eggs and has eaten better lemon meringue pies than she has made.

The culinary icon also described herself as a "home cook" rather than a chef, and said she lacked the knife skills of the professionals.

Lawson, who has sold 12 million cook books, was speaking during an event at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in the UK, to promote her latest offering, At My Table.

She told of how she had learned how to cook poached eggs having taken advice from a French chef.


Asked what she was not very good at making, Lawson replied: "I feel I have eaten much better lemon meringue pies than I have made.

"I hope that will change one day and it made me come up with a very good lemon meringue cake.

"I am not a chef and I don't try and cook like a chef. I wouldn't be able to do it and I don't have any knife skills.

"I'm filming for my new series and I saw the filming of my chopping and I've almost got time for a cup of tea between slicing the carrots. I was so embarrassed watching."

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