Friday 15 December 2017

I'll try not to cry on my new show, says mum Laura Woods

Brian and Laura Woods
Brian and Laura Woods

Uh-oh. TV3 bosses better have the hankies on standby.

 Presenter Laura Woods is worried that she'll be a weeping and wailing basket case on the first day of Saturday and Sunday AM.

And with good reason; the day before the new programme kicks off Woods' eldest son, Ben, will be attending his first day at school.

"I'll probably be wearing a lot of concealer to mask my tears on the show," she told the Diary.

"He's not at all upset but I'm already getting emotional. I just keep thinking about it.

"I told Anna [Daly], Ivan Yates and Simon Delaney to have the tissues ready for when I come in that day."

The broadcaster (right), who is also mum to Alex (2), can't believe her little boy is growing up so fast.

"It's Ben's first foray into the big bad world. It's not going to be a massive change for him but I still think of him as my baby."

Laura's not the only celeb mum dreading the first day at school - Colette Fitzpatrick recently told the Diary she was nervous about her son Milo starting too.

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