Tuesday 18 September 2018

Ill and injured Des in race to get fit for dance show

Des Cahill performing with dance partner Karen Byrne
Des Cahill performing with dance partner Karen Byrne

Dancing Des Cahill has been struck down with illness and injury as he faces a race to be fit for this weekend's Dancing With The Stars.

Sickness has struck the show once more as the sports broadcaster, who has been a favourite among audiences, has developed conjunctivitis.

He is also laid low by fluid on the knee and a calf strain.

It remains unclear whether the Shankill man will be fit to perform on next Sunday's show. Des was told to rest up after visiting the doctor and has been unable to rehearse at all week.

Luckily his absence would not jeopardize his place in the competition as no celebrities will be sent home this week.

Instead they will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and be paired up with a new partner.

Des is not the first participant to fall ill on the show.

Professional dancer Ryan McShane was taken to hospital by partner Denise McCormack two weeks ago after contracting an infection while judge Julian Benson suffered a bout of pneumonia in the same week.


If Des recovers in time to rehearse properly, he will samba his way around the floor to Quando, Quando, Quando by Engelbert Humperdinck.

The 63-year-old has continued to present on the radio during his stint on Dancing With The Stars and the work schedule has taken a toll.

The broadcaster has been rehearsing with his partner Karen Byrne almost every day after work and then has to plan the following day's radio show when he gets home at night.

"Nobody has any clue of the time. I'm in work at half-five in the mornings and then I have to line up stuff for the morning when I go home," he said.

Des reckons the biggest disadvantage he faces on the show is that he is often busier than the other contestants, many of whom are devoting all their time to rehearsals.

"A lot of the other dancers in the show, while the show is on they're just giving a commitment to the show. I'd say that's my biggest disadvantage, not my age. I think I'm busier than everyone else. I'd love a day off.

"I knew that signing up for it. You can't have it every way. I'm loving it but I've just hit a wall a bit. I'm tired," he told the Herald.

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