Thursday 17 January 2019

If it wasn't for Riverdance I wouldn't be able to face cameras, admits RTE's Carla

She's gone from Michael Flatley and Riverdance to keeping on her toes in front of the cameras and RTE2's Carla O'Brien says that her dance training helped to prepare her for her new job.

The Tyrone beauty presents RTE2's Newsfeed, a nightly bulletin show that gives viewers the top trending stories of the day between shows.

"Irish dancing allowed me to hone so many skills over the past two decades," she told the Diary.

"I struggled with nerves from a young age, so I had to find ways to block out the anxieties and to channel the energy into my performance.

"Learning that discipline early on has been invaluable to me and it's something that I rely on every day, especially working in front of the cameras."

The former Tyrone Rose also admitted that being prepared before each show is vital to putting in a good performance.

"For me, preparation is critical. It gives me the confidence to know that I have done enough work to give a solid performance.

"All the skills and confidence I built up from Riverdance are so helpful in a busy newsroom."

With her background in dance, Carla admits that she's used to working out all the time and so fitness comes quite easily to her.

"Dancing every day for over 20 years has programmed my body to need regular exercise," she revealed.

"I like feeling fit and strong and exercising regularly helps keep your mind healthy too.

"When I work out I usually stick to a mixture of cardio and strength training. That suits me and makes me feel good," she added.

Many would think that a TV presenter's beauty bag would be a treasure trove of products, but Carla says her beauty routine is low maintenance.

"Naturally, I try to look the best I can but as far as a beauty routine goes, I'm not sure how much washing my face and moisturising counts as one," she laughed.


"A fresh clean face is a good place to start especially when I've to wear so much make up on screen."

Carla previously worked on News2Day and says she loves the format of her new show.

"I think people try to stay informed online or via social media during the day but most of the time, they may not have time to sit down and watch a full news programme.

"I think it's great that we can sneak the news in during the ad breaks between their favourite comedy or documentary series," she added.

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