Tuesday 16 January 2018

'I'd rather take the day off than plan alternative route to work'

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Amy Carry, from Dublin
Amy Carry, from Dublin
David Reilly, from Eastwall

The city's commuters aren't looking forward to the up-coming industrial action, with Bus Eireann and Dublin Bus planning to strike on May 1.

The downing of tools will leave thousands re-routing their journey into work, but some are choosing to take the day-off.

Amy Carry from Dublin 3 explained how she normally needs to take four buses to get to and from work, but would rather take the day off than having to find an alternative route.

Others will have to fork out extra money for taxi fares, such as Kucia Smrekova from Clongriffin, who said that her only reasonable way to get to work without a running bus service would be with a taxi.

However while the planned strike will cripple Dublin, some are understanding of the bus drivers.

David Reilly, from East Wall explained; "As much as it might be an inconvenience for me, they have to make a statement so striking when it effects people most is the best way to be heard".

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