Friday 24 May 2019

'I'd never ask my fans for cash' - Imelda warns of online 'hacker'

The real thing, Imelda May
The real thing, Imelda May

Imelda May has warned her fans not to send money to a con artist who is pretending to be her on social media.

The Dublin singer (43) said the "hacker" has been tweeting her fans and asking them for money.

Imelda shared a photo of herself on Twitter and wrote: "Hey people. This is me! Not the hacker who's privately messaging people as me, asking for money. I will never do that. Be careful."

One fan responded to the singer's post and said: "That has happened to me. I knew it was not you. Reported them to Twitter and action was taken."

The Herald has contacted representatives for Imelda for comment on the impersonator's actions.

Imelda is far from the first celebrity who has been impersonated online.

It was a more common practice in years past before social media accounts like Twitter created the blue tick verification system, which means the site has confirmed the account is authentic.

It comes soon after former Westlife star Shane Filan revealed he was being impersonated online. Shane, who is currently on a solo tour of the UK, took to his social media channels to alert fans to the dangers.

The singer/songwriter said he was "aware" that some fans had been approached by "someone pretending to be me" online.


He then outlined the addresses of all of his official social media accounts and followed up with another post reiterating that he does not DM fans from any other accounts.

"I do not have any other accounts and I do not DM fans from these or any other accounts. I have reported the fake accounts and they will be dealt with ASAP. If you are contacted please report them also," he wrote.

Model and former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter previously revealed that she had been impersonated several times on social media and was alerted to a fake account claiming to be her on dating app Tinder.

"I got a mail on Facebook from a guy asking me why I only chat to him on Tinder but ignore him on Facebook," said Holly.

"It turns out someone had set up a fake profile of me and was chatting to this guy for over a month pretending to be me.

"I went to the guards but they said they couldn't do anything. I got the person's mobile number from the guy who contacted me and even the WhatsApp photo was a picture of me.

" I confronted them and they said they never get attention from guys so pretending to be me was a weird confidence boost."

Boyzone singer Ronan Keating also recently warned his fans that he was made aware of fake social media accounts claiming to be him that were also trying to "scam people out of money".

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