Sunday 10 December 2017

I'd love to star with Amy, says Hangover's 'naked gangster' Ken

Amy Huberman. Photo: Frank McGrath
Amy Huberman. Photo: Frank McGrath

THE Hangover star Ken Jeong has revealed he would love to share the screen with bubbly actress Amy Huberman.

The actor played the iconic part of lisping Asian gangster Mr Chow in the movie franchise.

And as Amy stars in Ireland's very own answer to The Hangover – The Stag – Mr Jeong said he would love to feature in any sequel.

"An Irish Hangover works, I like the idea. I would love to watch it," he told the Herald.

"If they made a second I would be game for making a cameo – why not?

"I would love to spend more time here and film here. It's beautiful," he added.

In the hugely popular Hangover trilogy, Jeong spends a considerably amount of time on screen with next to no clothes on.

And says weather permitting he would strip down for The Stag Part Two.

"It depends what mood I am," he said. "If they don't want me to take my clothes off they better shoot on cold days – otherwise I'll definitely be naked. When it's cold out I'll have a mink coat on," he joked.

The Hollywood star said he would also relish the chance to act alongside two acting greats with ties to Ireland – Liam Neeson and Daniel Day Lewis.

"They are so talented and so iconic it would be a dream come true to act with them," he said.

Jeong was in Dublin yesterday to promote The Hangover Part III on Bluray and DVD.

"It's my first time in Ireland," he revealed. "I am excited to drive around and see some of the sites like the Ha'Penny Bridge and Molly Malone statue."



The 44-year-old actor said he never anticipated the level of success the film would bring.

"I never thought in a million years it would be so successful," he said. "I remember telling my wife I think this is the funniest film I have ever done."

Jeong got his first break playing a stressed out doctor in Knocked Up. It was a role he could relate to having practised as a physician for seven years.

"I had a couple of doctors in mind – you can get abrasive when you've worked that many days," he added.


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