Friday 18 January 2019

I'd love to get my choice topics, but I'm staying calm either way

Emma (15) took the usual 25-minute walk to school this morning along with her friends to calm her nerves.

I've been going over English and Irish over the last few days. I've studied Romeo and Juliet in the hope that the topic of love will come up today. And I've been looking at the characters in the novel Goodnight Mister Tom, on the premise that it'll come up as well.

For Paper One in English, I'm hoping that the comprehension will be interesting and easily understandable. And I'd love if they give us a nice poem that explains itself as well.

We'll have to write an essay which I'm comfortable enough with now, but I had to go over the letters for Paper One again last night because you have to learn different formats.

My worst nightmare would be if we get an unseen poem which is not that easy to understand. And I'd prefer if we're not asked about the plot of Romeo and Juliet because I haven't prepared it as well.

I think I'll be able to remain calm throughout the day because all the work has been done at this stage.

My granddad lives about two minutes from the school, and usually we're not allowed to leave the school during lunch, but now I'm going to visit him for lunch.

Then it's straight up to my room to prepare for the Irish exams tomorrow.

I've been listening to the Irish tapes for the aural exam over the last few days as well. And I'd be comfortable enough with it now, but I've a lot more to revise.

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