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'I'd be lost without them' - cafe's meals on wheels keep its regulars well fed


Some of the meals provided by The Green Kitchen

Some of the meals provided by The Green Kitchen

The Green Kitchen

The Green Kitchen


Some of the meals provided by The Green Kitchen

A cafe in Walkinstown has delivered more than 800 free hot meals to cocooning residents in the local area.

The gesture has been made by south Dublin social enterprise cafe The Green Kitchen for regular customers, some of whom cannot cook for themselves.

Some of them would have used the cafe five days a week, but when it closed in March they were left without meals if they were not able to avail of the takeaway service.

Molly Hand, a lab worker in the Coombe Hospital, said she would be "lost without them" as they now deliver hot meals to her cocooning mother Elizabeth Gannon (87) in Crumlin.

"I normally make dinners for her the day before so she always has fresh food, but with being in and out of the hospital working shifts, I didn't want to be going around to her too often," said Molly.

"I didn't want to freeze dinners for her either because she may not be able to reheat them.

"I saw it on Facebook and I couldn't thank them enough. I'd be lost without them.


"Every day there's a diff- erent meal and lots of variety.

"I couldn't thank them enough. It's not just about the dinner, they come to her door while keeping a few metres away and ask her how she is.

"So she's seeing a friendly face too and knows to expect a knock."

One of the cafe managers, Austin O'Sullivan, said around 50 meals a day are delivered.

"We closed the cafe, apart from the takeaway service, so those cocooning weren't able to get daily hot meals," he said.

"We've never turned down anyone that phoned in, and while we were meant to just stick to the Walkinstown area first, we've branched out to Tallaght, Ballyfermot and Terenure."

He said that food which might have gone to waste was used to make the dinners initially, but suppliers began bringing in donations.

"Suppliers sent us stuff for free too, as well as restaurants that had closed," Austin said.

"It's a big help for older people and those who had been diagnosed with Covid and were too tired to cook."